Hoofdstuk 6 DOCU ‘Araucaria: puzzle of the Guardian’s cryptic crossword expert’


John Graham (ook bekend als Araucaria) was de puzzel-maker voor The Guardian. Graham stierf in 2013 aan kanker. Het bekend maken deed hij aan de hand van.. een puzzel. De geliefde puzzel-maker heeft nu zijn eigen documentaire: 

“Dear Araucaria is about the Rev John Graham, the celebrated Guardian crossword setter better known as Araucaria, who announced that he was dying of cancer through a crossword published in December 2012. As reported in these pages, he wrote his own last chapter using clues with answers such as “cancer”, “oesophagus”, “palliative” and “care” in the format he had championed for more than 50 years.”

Over John Graham

“Possibly the only crossword setter who received fan mail, this documentary shot shortly before his death features Araucaria explaining his puzzle-making process and remembering a happy life spent in the countryside solving and setting crosswords for his adoring solvers on whom he had a dramatic impact.”Aldus The Guardian.


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