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50 social media advertising tips via


1. Think long-term strategy, not short-term gain. Of course, you have long- and short-term social media marketing goals but – and here’s the catch – some marketers tend to focus on the short-term because their employers (or freelance clients) want to see immediate results. We get it, but still, we’re going to push back and say that a well-planned social media campaign has staggered results: some will present themselves quickly but others won’t become evident until months (and, sometimes, years if we’re talking the big picture) down the road.

2. Be picky. Think sustainable social channels, not EVERY social platform. The one thing we can say, for sure, about social media is that it’s ever-changing as soon as you’ve learned everything, there’s something new to learn. With that in mind, as you develop your social strategy, focus on the platforms you can run like a BOSS. It’s better to dominate a few, than to be mediocre at them all.

3. Even if you build it, they might not come. Even the greatest social media campaign won’t draw followers, if there are no followers to draw. Hard truth, marketing friends: You have to build your social following and, very preferably, build it where many millions of your target audience gather online. Consider, for example, that almost 1.5 billion people log into Facebook every day; you have a good chance to build a solid base there, if you take your time and put in the effort to grow a large, loyal, and engaged audience.

4. Research each platform. This advice never gets old: Know your platform. Know how ad types differ by platform. And, understand how each platform’s ad formats further your goals. For example, if you’re trying to squeeze leads into the next band of your sales funnel, a remarketing engagement campaign might do the trick. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to extend brand awareness, then an impressions-based campaign might be more up your alley. So, where (which platform) is your audience more likely to engage? Or, where do they congregate in high numbers, so you have a better impressions pool? Know your platform.

5. Diversify across social platforms. (But not too many.)  David Christopher, Director of Marketing and Growth at Tailwind, said it best: “If I was going to point to a trend for 2018 it would be diversification of ad spend across networks. There’s so much money in Facebook advertising today that smart marketers are having to get extremely efficient to get results when targeting new prospects on the network. Any time a lot of money enters an auction you’re wise to enter other auctions where there’s less money sloshing around. I think in 2018 we’ll continue to see smart social marketers diversify and learn how to effectively spend ad dollars on other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even Reddit.”

6. Embrace your reviews and testimonials – the good AND the badEveryone reads reviews but, here’s the thing: If you have only positive reviews, everyone (or almost everyone) will doubt your reviews. There is no product, good, or service in the world than can thrill 100% of consumers, period. So, be honest with your reviews, recognize the good and, perhaps most importantly, respond to the bad. Acknowledge a negative experience, show a willingness to improve, and outline the steps you’ll take to move forward. This will engender trust in all of tomorrow’s customers who are reading your reviews today.

7. Have a comment conversation. We just mentioned this, but the two-way brand-consumer conversation extends beyond reviews: Respond to comments on your blog posts, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos. @ people back on Twitter. Encourage conversation and embrace pleasantries; they show the human side of your brand. And, if and when a negative experience comes up, always take the high road; respond, empathize, and strive to be better next time.

8. Your employees are a part of your social media presence. Notice how we didn’t even make this a suggestion? It’s a fact, plain and simple. In the words of  Katy LaLanne, Content Marketer at Sendible, “Every employee is their own brand but also an extension of your organization. As social culture in the workplace expands, I think we’ll see an increase in company-wide involvement and storytelling across social media in 2018. 64% of millennials believe that social media is one of the most effective channels for connecting with brands (Source: Microsoft) but messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when they’re sent by employees instead of the brand itself.

Trust between customers and brands is deepened when there is a face and a story behind a brand, which is often where influencer marketing comes into play. Don’t disregard influencer marketing opportunities, but look for leaders throughout your organization, from top to bottom, who can deepen trust with your audiences by educating and entertaining.


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